Merino is a natural textile material with excellent properties. Merino wool perfectly retains heat even in the greatest frosts, it is perfectly breathable, but at the same time it did not require washing after each use. In addition, it has an excellent thermoregulatory function - it heats and cools exactly according to the current needs of the human body. The structure of the wave can bind air to itself. It creates a thin layer of air between the skin and the first layer, thus keeping the body warm. Merino wool naturally absorbs and evaporates moisture outwards. That is, even in summer and it is pleasant in it. In addition, merino wool contains lanolin, which has permanent antibacterial properties, thus preventing the formation of odors even when worn for a long time.

It is a natural, recyclable, renewable material that has a long service life and is easy to maintain. Thanks to its unique properties, merino is not designed specifically for specific conditions or activities. On the contrary, it is an absolutely perfect partner for year-round wear.

antibacterial moisture removal


Bamboo fiber is a raw material obtained from the stems of bamboo. Fibers for the textile processing industry are known only since the late 20th century. On the European market the yarn came up in 2007. These fibers are viscose fibers produced from bamboo wood. The fibers have a more pleasant feel than cotton. Fibers are more resistant to bacteria growth, by 60% comparing to cotton fibres. This is due to the content of a substance called "KUN".

Products made out of bamboo fibers are very pleasant to use, ensure optimum heat balance of the body, dry naturally and provide long-lasting fresh feeling.

friendly to nature antibacterial thermoregulation material of very soft touch


Cocarber® premium viscose fiber with carbonized coffee beans. It perfectly absorbs and neutralizes odors and has excellent antibacterial properties. It can reflect heat back to the body surface and provides UV protection. Cocarber® fiber is made from recycled coffee residues - the production of the fiber itself is environmentally friendly.

nature friendly antibacterial high thermal insulation UV protection


Microsense, the innovative micro fibre fabric by SITIP combining softness to performances: breathable, fast drying, easy care, soft touch, superior comfort, appealing look.

elastic material material of very soft touch quick drying


Pontetorto developed the highly multi-functional Dryfast collection especially for the base layer and single layer. All expectations of today‘s sportsmen and women for functional first layers are met. Besides feeling great on the skin and providing rapid moisture transport, thanks to the high quality fibers the fabric also meets the highest demands at the look and provides special anti-snagging and pilling characteristics.

quick drying moisture removal


Viscose fibre from Lenzing. It is of vegetable origin, obtained from raw wood. The production of the fibre itself is extremely environmentally friendly, thanks to a special cyclic production system. TENCEL® fabrics absorb more than cotton, are softer than silk and cooler than linen. The fibres absorb moisture quite naturally and then release it outwards. The smooth construction of TENCEL® fibres makes the knit particularly soft and comfortable in contact with the skin. The perfect moisture wicking system of these cellular fibres prevents the growth of bacteria.

Bacteria do not stand a chance with TENCEL®. The perfect moisture management of this cellulosic fiber is responsible for the reduced bacteria growth.

Environmentally friendly   Antibacterial Pleasant material



Technical surfaces are the latest trends in sportswear. The Tecnostretch material from the Italian company Pontetorto ideally fulfils the requirements of a second functional layer, satisfying the appearance requirements while ensuring maximum thermal insulation and high elasticity. This great material is lightweight, smooth and durable on the outside, brushed and warm on the inside. The added Elastane fibre gives the material a high elasticity that guarantees maximum freedom of movement. The combed reverse side traps warm air inside and thus contributes to excellent thermal insulation, while the composition of the material ensures quick drying. The material is resistant to fraying and wrinkling. The resistance to pilling and wrinkling is 4-5 in tests (note: the highest level is 5).

thermoregulation / insulation quick drying elastic material


ECO version of the branded technical material TECNOSTRETCH from the Italian manufacturer PONTETORTO, which ideally fulfils the requirements of the second functional layer. The inner layer is made of specially treated polyester - an eco-friendly material from Perpetual. It has managed to develop a groundbreaking technology transforming used plastics into high-quality and durable fibres. The outer layer is made of ECONYL, an eco-friendly nylon material using only recycled fishing nets from the ocean. This solution is highly eco-friendly and the material obtained provides even much better functional properties. The material is lightweight, smooth and durable on the outside, combed and warm on the inside. In addition, it is perfectly functional. It guarantees high elasticity, maximum freedom of movement, excellent thermal insulation and fast drying.

Environmentally friendly  High thermal insulation  Moisture removal



Softshell is an ideal material for light anoraks or pants. Wind and water proof while staying highly permeable. This material is soft, warm, light and elastic - perfectly suitable for comfortable wearing.



Bonded seams technology allows two pieces of material to be joined together without the use of any threads that could cause skin irritation when playing sports. Therefore, products with bonded seams provide maximum comfort when worn. Thanks to the technology used, bonded seams can be up to 10 times more flexible than conventional sewn seams. Thanks to their strength and elasticity, they also ensure greater durability and resistance of clothing even under increased stress during intense sports activities.



Graphene is an innovative technical ingredient that is revolutionizing textile materials. This technical ingredient enriches the material with carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern that give it extraordinary strength, provide optimal heat transport, ideal thermoregulation, UV resistance, prevent bacterial growth and body odour and even repel mites.



PROLEN Siltex is a special branded polypropylene yarn modified with biogenic silver ions. The antibacterial additive is totally free from harmful substances and environment friendly. Silver ions help to inhibit the growht of bacteria and mould, reduce unpleasant odours and keep the skin biologically balanced during any recreational sports activities.



DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent. It is a special surface treatment of the fabric, which makes it hydrophobic and water repellent. Materials with this treatment are characterized by long-term water resistance. Water simply flows down the surface in the form of small drops.



4 WAY STRETCH is a fast drying material with excellent breathability that can be stretched in all directions. This material is often used for sportswear where flexibility in all directions is essential for comfort wearing.



The membrane by the Italian company Pontetorto is perfectly windproof and breathable. No Wind® products are therefore suitable for all outdoor activities even in extreme conditions.



Schoeller's technological treatment called Ecorepel® is produced by spiral wrapping of individual fibres with long paraffin chains. This reduces the surface tension so that water droplets and even mud, which have a much higher surface tension, are perfectly repelled. Breathability is not affected and the material remains pleasantly soft to the touch.



This is a top quality wool blend yarn MULTITECH for functional socks with enhanced antibacterial effect. The sheep's wool fibre itself has antibacterial properties, in the case of Multitech yarn these are further enhanced by silver ions permanently embedded in the polyamide fibres. Multitech is a noble blend of a high proportion of fine merino wool with functional polyamide. This also strengthens the yarn's abrasion resistance and elasticity for use in socks.



Polyester fiber similar to natural cotton. It is a soft and smooth material, it dries quickly and keeps the comfortable feeling for your feet. Drytex is produced by copolymer technology.



Since 1986, COOLMAX® fabric has been delivering benefits to help top athletes push harder and longer. Today, COOLMAX® fabric appeals to the fashion conscious who prefer a cool, soft and high performance fabric that fits every lifestyle. COOLMAX® fabric is the confident, sophisticated choice for active consumers.



The ClimaWell is one of the materials based on state-of-the-art scientific knowledge. It is a combination of functional polypropylene and biogenic inorganic additive doped with silver ions (Ag+).



WICO: The company started to operate on the Czech market as early as in 1931 under the name of Wittenberg a spol., later KOH-I-NOOR Děčín n.p., which became in 1999 part of the industrial holding B.G.M. In this way a contemporary efficiently operating company was created, which offers a wide range of zippers of highest quality. Our zip fasteners are used in the clothing, textile, leather manufacturing, boot-and-shoe and automotive industries.



YKK Group (Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha Group) is a world-renowned company producing zippers, snaps and buttons of the highest quality. Recently involved in other sectors. Founded in 1934 in Tokyo by Mr. Tadao Yoshida and today operates in 71 markets worldwide.