Functional T-shirts and sportswear with the print of your choice

Introducing revolutionary printing of FUNCTIONAL T-SHIRTS and CUSTOM CLOTHING of your choice! Anyone can print cotton, but we are one of the few in the Czech Republic that print on top FUNCTIONAL materials. Just choose! You want an original printed t-shirt made of bamboo, coffee, polyester, nylon or merino wool. Then go for it!

How do you do that?

  1. Choose a suitable product from our range
  2. Send us your graphics or describe your idea in the form below 
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Now leave it to us! The printed product will be ready very quickly from your order.

Go ahead!

Fill out the form and your ORIGINAL ideas will be our command. After submitting the form, our experts will get back to you as soon as possible to fine-tune all the details.


Need some advice?

Progress Original technology and your imagination has no limits. Do you want to paint something on the t-shirts yourself or do you want to choose from pre-made motifs? Do you need to brand clothing for your employees, sports team or just for fun? Do you have any other questions? No problem! Email us at and our textile specialists will bring your ideas to life.

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A print that will outlive you!

Progress Original is not just any ordinary T-shirt printing. It's all about cutting-edge technology. Want to know more about the printing technology we use at PROGRESS? It all starts with the PixPrinter, where we use our unique DTF (Direct to Film) technology to print highly durable, full-colour prints in top quality not only on functional materials. We can print almost anything, and thanks to a unique adhesive, this revolutionary print is up to 20 times more durable than conventional technologies. Plus, it's highly wash-resistant and guaranteed not to crack. In other words, a print made this way should last longer than your t-shirt.